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An Urban Homestead Supporting Healthy Living

Through A Natural Diet, Grown At Home Or Locally Sourced, You Will Find A Healthier Lifestyle At Your Doorstep!

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Welcome to Natural Health For Life!  I am a mother who, through personal interest, and personal necessity, has ended up doing a lot of research on Natural Health.  If you and your family are interested in staying healthy, especially in the face of today’s many health challenges, please subscribe to this blog, and stay up to date!


Natural Health For Life Is Designed With You In Mind.

It started after my son was diagnosed with Autism at age 4. This diagnosis, and the subsequent lack of support and advice from traditional doctors, plunged me into the world of alternative health. I spent hours (including many late nights) researching autism recovery and in the process of learning how to to help my son recover, learned how my whole family could be leading a healthier, and more natural, lifestyle.

Since my son is now doing great in his mainstream classroom, I have the time (and finally the energy) to pass on what I have learned to others. Autism, toxicity, and auto-immune disease is running rampant. Many symptoms and diagnoses have a common thread – our modern lifestyle which, though full of conveniences, isn’t the world our bodies are adapted for.

Here’s a little of what we’ll explore in Natural Health For Life:

  1. Our Autism Recovery Story – The Steps We Took (And Which Ones We Recommend) To Help On Your Autism Recovery Journey
  2. Our Urban Homestead and how we are striving to grow and share the healthiest food possible to nourish our bodies and souls. We share plants, eggs, and education for those who want to make a family farm (in the city) a part of their own healthy lifestyle.)
  3. Modern Technology, Developments and Strategies We Can All Use To Reduce Toxicity And Live A Cleaner Life
  4. Intention, Spirituality, Manifestation And Bringing HAPPINESS and RESULTS Into Our Lives!