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Autism and The Power of Intention To Heal


Do you believe in the power of Intention.

Do you believe your thoughts can help heal autism?

What would you say if I told you that a PhD from Stanford was participating in research with Speech Therapist Suzy Miller that showed that autism symptoms could be reduced through a remotely located intention project?

It’s true, I heard about it through Jackie McMillan, an autism recovery consultant who is on the spectrum herself.

In a nutshell, Suzy Miller and William Tiller, PhD have joined forces to create a program designed to help autistic children and create more research in this exciting field.  You can click here to read Dr. Tiller’s white paper showing their initial results.

If you want to, you can join their program from anywhere in the world.  It lasts for one year and parents fill out monthly surveys recording their results (on a depression scale) and their children’s results on a standardized autistic behavior scale.

Even if you don’t join, you can learn a great deal about the power of your own beliefs and hopes and expectations when you review their research.



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