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Dan Doctor In Seattle

Autism Is Curable

The Autism Research Institute – Autism Is Curable

When I was first suspicious that my son had autism, I wanted to find a so-called “DAN Doctor” in Seattle right away.

“Dan Doctor” is actually a bit of a misnomer, the acronym “DAN” stands for “Defeat Autism Now” but the group has subsequently had to change their name to the Autism Research Institute because another pre-existing group had a claim on the term “DAN”.

So, anyway, if you want to find a naturopathic, holistic, or biomedical doctor to advise you on the treatment of your child’s autism, and you are located in the Seattle area, here are a few that I can recommend.

A Traditional Physician Who Is Open To Autism Treatment:

two girls playing at a doctor's officeWe first went to see Cheryl Beighle at the Everett Clinic. She is now located in their Marysville, WA office, I believe.  She was open to biomedical treatments for autism, she said, and she ran several blood tests, including an allergy panel on Blake.  Subsequently, she got him on some supplements like fish oil (Here is the kind we use now.) and encouraged us to get him tested by Children’s Hospital Autism Center, although encouraged us to continue to treat him for his symptoms, even without having a diagnosis in hand.  (We visited her before we got our official autism diagnosis.)

When pressed on follow-up visits for more action and more therapies, she was reluctant to try “standard” bio-medical type protocols, like Methyl-B12 injections, because she said her patients didn’t usually “come back for more” (as-in prescription refills) when she prescribed them. (You only get a one-month’s supply at a time.)  She said that if the shots “really” worked, and were effective, she would have thought patients would do a better job of scheduling their follow-up appointments, so they could continue the protocol.

She ultimately told us that with the GAPS diet and fish oil supplements, she thought he would “grow out of” most of his quirkiness… So, while I wouldn’t strongly recommend her, I think she could be “open” to being directed, if you (or your spouse) has a strong preference for going with a traditional doctor, or you need to do that for insurance reasons, etc.

ASD-Specializing Naturopathic Physician:

Our next stop was Dr. Hatha Gbedawo, ND who runs “Vital Kids Medicine” in Seattle, specializing in treating autistic children and their families. She went to Bastyr University (a well-known regional Naturopathic/Wholistic College and Medical School), and is originally from New York. We were referred to her by the nearby (U-Village area) Children’s Hospital Autism Center.

Interestingly, when we got our autism diagnosis, I asked the Speech Therapist there if they could recommend a biomedical doctor.  And she told me that they did not, as a matter of practice, recommend ANY biomedical treatment (I was shocked), but if they did, they would recommend Vital Kids Medicine.

We have been seeing Dr. Gbedawo for 6 months now, and have been very happy with her performance.  You can expect a long intake appointment to assess your child and get his health history, and then a triage-ordered list of medical therapies, including MB-12 injections, GFCFSF diet or GAPS diet (she prefers the GAPS diet because it offers more healing), probiotics and supplements.  We also just finished a 10-week course of IV-glutathione with her office that went very smoothly.  Blake experienced a lot of improved behaviors over this 10-week time period and we are awaiting our results to see the reduction in blood levels of heavy metals aluminum and mercury.

We were sufficiently pleased, that I have transferred my 2-year-old daughter (Neuro-Typical) and myself to her practice.  (Another naturopathic physician there sees adults).  They have vaccination-support programs, if you want to continue to vaccinate your children on a full or limited schedule.  (Hubby and are are hotly debating this, I am against the vaccinations at this point.)

We plan to continue to stay with her practice, which is fully covered by our Premera Health Insurance.


Best-Reputation Regional DAN Doctor: Dr. Green near Portland, Oregon

A female doctor with a stethescope examining a girl.Friends of mine from TACA have recommended their physician, Dr. Green in Oregon City, Oregon.  They drive down to see him quarterly and report that he is very hands-on and intuitive when working with their child.  He is also an M.D. whose practice focuses solely on autistic patients.  He is very open-minded, and offers a number of “alternative” types of practice, including muscle-testing to help identify problem areas, and recommends “controversial” practices like Earthing, which he has apparently found effective in his practice.

This doctor is not covered by our insurance, and I don’t think he’s a preferred provider on any insurance programs.  As such, in our case with Premera, we would be in a position of paying 30% on an out-of-network provider.  However, he does everything he can to help reduce costs for patients, including offering muscle testing rather than blood work testing, giving you empty syringes and a vial of MB-12 to draw yourself, to reduce the costs of the shots, and offering group appointments to help disperse the cost of his time amongst more people.

His practice would probably be our “next step” if we felt we were no longer making progress under our current guidance by Dr. Gbedawo, but we haven’t gotten down there yet.

Alternative Doctor For Autism, In Seattle Area

Another regional doctor who I discovered online is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who practices out of the Sophia Health Institute in Woodinville, WA.

Dr. Klinghardt is a mentor of Dr. Mercola, who runs the number one natural health website online.

Dr. Klinghardt is from Germany and has what Western medicine considers a very “alternative” view point.  He has found many similarities between autism and Lyme disease.  His treatment regimen includes the following:

  1. Avoid/reduce EMF exposure.  (Avoid Smart Meters for your electric meter, turn off your circuit breaker’s at night, sleep in a mosquito-net-like faraday canopy at night, and don’t use Wi-Fi).  Explanatory Video: Klinghardt and EMF’s.
  2. Avoid/reduce indoor air pollution, especially from mold ( a prevalent problem here in the Pacific Northwest) and from indoor pollution sources, such as new furniture, paint, etc.
  3. Avoid toxins in your water supply, including fluoride, you need a reverse osmosis filter to remove it.
  4. Utilize Earthing.  This is where you discharge electron buildup from your body by walking barefoot outdoors or sleeping on an earthing sheet.
  5. Retain a strong relationship with family, activites, the outdoors, etc.
  6. A variety of supplements.

He uses ART (a type of muscle testing) to help diagnose the nature of your illness (e.g. parasites, toxins, bacteria, etc.).

One autism-mom who spoke at a TACA meeting told me, when I asked, that they had spent a few months with him, and hadn’t seen many results, but if you have tried everything else and need a new direction to explore, he may have some excellent ideas.

Dr. Klinghardt on the KPU/HPU and Autism Connection

Here is a video explaining one such idea, the relationship with HPU/KPU and autism:

I did contact his office at Sophia Health Institute to find out about their services. They don’t take any kind of insurance or bill insurance at all. So, I wanted to get an idea of the cost.

For a child there shouldn’t be a lot of additional treatments at the clinic to receive, so I would estimate a low physician visit cost per month. First office appointments are 1.5 hours and $350. Follow up appointments are 1 hour long for $210, I would expect approximately 1-2 visits per month at maximum for starting patients. Supplements can vary so much depending upon what is needed. I think for a child $1,000/month is a good marker.

So, now you have an idea of what you may be getting into.

List of DAN Doctors In Seattle

In addition, here is the list that Autism Today maintains, but I can not make a personal recommendation for or against these providers.

List: Bio-Medical Autism Doctors

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