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New Mainstream Preschool Off To A Great Start – Detox Anxiety At Home


Just wanted to give a brief update on Blake’s progress. He turned five this fall, but we decided to give him one more year of preschool, rather than starting Kindergarten. Since he is on the ASD spectrum, he’s developmentally delayed in some areas, and he’s also young for his grade, with a late May birthday. I am very glad we made this choice, and felt confident it was the right thing to do for the last several months.

High Functioning Autism In 4-5 Year Old Preschool Class

It seems like he’s starting school very strong. His ABA team, who has been with him since last February/March and saw him at his preschool last year, a new preschool over the summer, and this preschool in the fall (3 preschool’s in 3 seasons) has said this is one where he’s doing the best. He’s attending Trinity Lutheran Preschool, in Lynnwood, WA, and the ABA instructors said the classroom structure there was very good for him, and the teachers are excellent, in case anyone’s interested in finding a good preschool in the Seattle area for kids on the spectrum…) We also chose it because they were very willing to work with us and be flexible about our sending an aid with him in the classroom.

Highlights from this school year so far include:

1) Feeling confident to go there on his own (last year we had a lot of anxiety during his first few drop-off days, and before that, we couldn’t leave him at a daycare without major melt-down trama).

2) He is playing more with other kids, and less by himself, as indicated by our ABA data.

3) He is self-correcting when it comes to talking to other people. This week he said “I need more paint” at art time, and nothing happened, and then he decided to say, “Antonio, pass me the yellow paint.” and it worked out for him to get the paint. Good reinforcer.

4) Seems to be engaging in imaginary play with peers. He made a pirate hook cuff out of a bendy-straw and construction paper, and the whole class wanted to make pirate cuffs. Then he hid a basket of seashells over by the coat cubbies. Another kid made a treasure map, and they searched all over the classroom looking for the basket of treasure that Blake had hidden.

5) Our aid reported another child had invited Blake over for a play date. We haven’t hung out with him yet, but just being asked (!!!) WOW! Another mom said her daughter “loved Blake!” WHAT? That is AMAZING!

My goal for him this year was to “make a friend” in school, and it seems like we are already heading in the right direction. The ABA aid also reports that Blake is playing with some kids more than others (showing that he favors them, and that they are consolidating relationships) rather than just indiscriminately playing with any “warm body.”

How He’s Faring At Home

At home, he’s been exhibiting increased anxiety, and perserverations in the past few weeks.  I was really hoping these symptoms would have diminished more, as we were doing a second big 10-week round of IV-glutathione to help him detox his heavy metals.  We did our first round of this detox regimen for 10 weeks in the Spring, and it reduced his blood-level mercury from 3 to 0 and his blood level aluminum from 23 to 10.  I was very impressed with his improvement in behavior during this time frame.

However, with our summer/fall detox push, it seemed like he experienced an improvement for the first half of the regimen, but then started having a lot of anxiety, which we were trying to manage with charcoal pills, as well as our typical “detox support supplements.”

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