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QiGong Massage For Autism


Studies Show 30% Improvement In Autistic Symptoms After Using QiGong Massage For 5 Months

Blake and Granddad read the Children's Bible together.

Blake and Granddad read the Children’s Bible together.

I recently discovered something called QiGong Massage  for Autism.  Qi, or “Chi” is the word for energy, our vital life force, in Chinese medicine.  “Gong” is the word for “work” or “craft”.

Chinese medicine believes that Chi runs through channels in our bodies, and if our Chi is blocked, or at a low level, various health symptoms and chronic disease can occur.  Much of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and acupressure therapy, is designed to help alleviate these symptoms.

What Are The Benefits Of QiGong Massage For Autism – And How Does it Work?

When we tap “energy pathways” in QiGong massage, we help release blocked energy and also help energize our child with additional chi in areas where it may be lacking.  For example, many children may experience ticklish toes if they do not have enough Chi in their feet.  My son had ticklish toes (lack of chi) and uncomfortable areas (chi blockages) the first time we did the massage, that seem to be less symptomatic now.  If your child is lacking Chi in their toes or fingers, it may be harder for them to feel and experience their senses in the same way.  Each digit also corresponds to other organs, like liver, kidneys, etc, which may be stimulated by the massage as well.

Many people report their child passing a large tar-like black or green poop after starting the massage as the gut excretes toxins that it was previously unable to release.

What Does QiGong Massage Look Like?

QiGong Massage is non-invasive.  It consists of firm tapping motions made with the fingertips or cupped hands along various “energy pathways” on your child’s body.  They are usually not uncomfortable for the child, and the child usually lies down on a bed, floor or massage table, to have them implemented (you CAN do it standing up, and you CAN do it – broken up into small sessions throughout the day if your child won’t lie still).  Your child doesn’t need to be focused on the massage, and it can be done while he plays with a toy, or watches a movie, if necessary.


Who Is Teaching QiGong Massage For Autism – How Can I Get More Information?

Personally, I had never heard of QiGong before about a week or so ago.  That’s when I listed to an interview on Thrive With Autism, about a QiGong practitioner in Portland named Dr. Louisa Silva, who has been studying the effects of Qigong massage on autism, in children from 1-5 years old.  She found that children experienced a 30% improvement in autistic symptoms across the board, after their parents administered QiGong massage every day for five months.

They are also studying the effects of the massage on Downs Syndrome, and autistic children who are older, 6-10, I believe, so be sure to visit for more information on their studies.

I think this is a great modality to pursue for parents of children with autism because:

  1. There are studies to back it up.
  2. It’s cheap/free – the training book and DVD are only $26.
  3. It’s a good opportunity to bond and relax with your child.
  4. It seems safe – with little downside risk.

 How Is QiGong Working For Our Family?

We have only been doing it for 1 week so far, but – and this could just be a coincidence… my son has had extended duration of play at preschool with other kids – one session lasted 27 minutes (all of recess) and another session lasted 20 minutes – when previously he was struggling to play with other kids for 3-5 minutes at a time.  He also has been having better communication skills – making conversation at dinner.  We went over to my parents house for dinner the day after his first session, and he was very “on” – trying to mimic my father and make “growling” noises at his baby cousin, and also pointing out that baby Eli was walking and saying he thought Baby Eli wanted food when he was fussy at the table… he was observing and making comments, and even using “theory of mind” to guess what someone else wanted.   This was not completely outside his possible scope before, but it wasn’t “ordinary” behavior for my son, either.

Admittedly, we are doing other stuff at this time, too, such as neurofeedback and ABA, but the day after his first massage just seemed markedly better than average…

Again, I think it is worth investigating further to see if this would be a fit for your family.  I look forward to sharing our ongoing results.


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