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Success Story – Boy With Nuerological Damage Experiences Amazing Recovery


This is an amazing story about a boy I know from church.  His mom believes that he has a variety of developmental delays, neurological and physical symptoms, resulting from vaccine damage when he was a baby.  He is now 11 years old, and she has been seeking a variety of biomedical treatments for him for the last 9 years.  That’s why I got excited when she was excited about this breakthrough for her son.  As she has repeatedly told me in the past, this ain’t her first rodeo.  It’s normal to be excited when you learn about a new treatment, but they can often leave you disappointed when they don’t offer the results you are hoping for.

To avoid wasting money on treatments that aren’t effective for her son, she usually tracks his results, to see if she can see a discernible impact.  In this case, she’s seen results in a variety of areas.

I had asked her for more information, to see if this treatment might be something I would want to try on my son, and this is the very extensive email she sent me (I changed it to not use her or her son’s names.):

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the email reminder!  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

Here’s the information you asked me to send you about the product that is helping J. so much.  Give me a ring anytime.  The stuff we’re seeing with J. (rash and neurologically) have been totally amazing.  I’m not new here!  I tend to not get too excited about something new, but it’s really hard for me not to be totally excited about this stuff because of the things I’m seeing with J.

I hate selling things!  But, I signed up to be an “Associate” because it’s the best way to get the biggest discount on the product for our own family.  I don’t foresee having J. go off of this stuff.  So, I thought it made sense to get the biggest discount I could.

Below are some links for you about the product as well as J’s timeline in regard to the gains we’ve been seeing.

J’s Timeline:

Arm issues (“rash”) (We have been battling this since at least 2009):

3/9/13 – Met with naturopathic doctor (see pics of J’s right arm, top and bottom)

3/12/13 – We started spraying it topically on his arms; 2-3 times/day

3/14/13 – We started giving it orally – 4 oz/day (in 2 doses)

3/18/13 – “Rash” on J’s arms gone – just scarring remained (see pics of J’s arms)

Approx 3/20/13 – Upped his oral dose to 6 oz/day (in 2 doses); Continued with topical spraying twice daily

4/7/13 – Major reduction in scarring. We are still spraying twice daily as well as oral dosing.

4/10/13 – Rash is back on arms.  The only change I made was I added egg back in for breakfast on 4/8/13 and 4/9/13.  He is broken out again on both arms, his right is worse.

4/10/13 – Pulled eggs from diet again.  Continue spraying topically and orally dosing at approximately 6 oz/daily.

4/11/13 – Major reduction in rash on arms again.

 J’s Arm Before Taking Product

Jake's right forearm Mar 9 2013 before aseaJake's top of right arm Mar 9 2013 before asea

J’s Arm After Taking Product For One Week

Jakes-right-forearm-Mar-18-2013-after-asea-about-a-weekJake's top of right arm Mar 18 2013 after taking asea about a week

Major Improvements In Neurological Issues:

3/9/13 – Met with naturopathic doctor about this product.  We met at Third Place in Lake Forest Park with a life-size chess set.  He and his sister watched some kids play the with the chess set and he got very excited; jumping up and down and doing his arm movements; speaking very loudly.

Since beginning to take the product orally

1) My husband and I started noticing that J. wasn’t asking repetitive questions all the time.

2) J. started leaving a conversation, thinking about what we’d been talking about, then coming back and asking “follow up” questions to the topic we’d been discussing.

3) His conduct has been closer to age appropriate.

4)  He has seemed even more loving than normal lately.

5) We had been having some behavior issues with burping (rudely and laughing).  He hasn’t seemed to be doing that anymore.  Also, he had been doing a very irritating “scream” to be funny.  He has almost completely stopped doing that.

6) His back and forth conversation with people has really escalated.  He can go back and forth just like a tennis ball these days.

Tues., 3/19/13 – Horse riding instructor and volunteers at therapeutic riding class all commented on his “wonderful attitude” and his amazing happiness today. His instructor remarked how it was very heightened from his normal happy self.

Tues., 3/26 – Jake ran out to the car ahead of his sister, racing her and saying, “Beat you to the car!” (He’s never done that — His sister has always been competitive, but Jake has never seemed to care.  Now he seems to want to be engage in that way as well!)

Tues., 3/26 – Speech Language Pathologist (who has been seeing J since 2007) made comments about his major reading gains just recently. (I didn’t tell her about any changes).

Fri., 3/29 – We go to our homeschool group park days frequently but they always kind of stress me (and J’s sister) out because J doesn’t really play with the kids the same way as all the other kids.  This day we went to a park day and neither J or his sister wanted to leave because they were both having so much fun.

Sat., 3/30 – We met with the naturopathic doctor again at the same crowded bookstore with the life-size chess set.  This time, J. was watching other kids play the chess game but he just stood there calmly watching with his arms in his pockets and no jumping and he calmly waited for his turn.

Mon., 4/1/13 – Major gains with his dysgraphia – His numbers during math class were so much more legible than before.

Mon., 4/1/13 – In math class this day he added two-digit numbers correctly for the first time ever!

Tues., 4/2/13 – Speech Language Therapist commented on all his continuing gains in reading and comprehending their lessons.

Wed., 4/3/13 – I started teaching a homeschool herbal class at the kids’ co-op:  J and his sister were both in it and J participated wonderfully just like all the other kids.

Wed., 4/3/13 – Homeschool group park day — again the kids had a great time and didn’t want to leave; J is playing as part of the group; completely participating where before he would have just followed along with his sister.

Thurs., 4/4/13 – His Occupational Therapist is now working with him on lower case letters (she’s been seeing him since 2007) – as he all of a sudden “seems ready” to progress.

Fri., 4/5/13 – Homeschool group field trip to the Burke Museum.  (The last time we were there (about 3 years ago) J fell apart.  It was awful.)  This day the field trip was a very structured guided tour with several experiments with rocks and minerals.  J. fully participated in group projects as well as individually.  Although his dysgraphia got in the way and he wasn’t able to complete the tasks as quickly as the other kids, he didn’t get discouraged and wants to go back.

Sun., 4/7/13 – I handed the kids a recipe and asked them to work together to make homemade (GFCFSF) brownies.  They were able to work together, read the recipe, and completely make and bake the brownies on their own.

Sat. 4/6/13 and Sun 4/7/13 — The kids had received Target gift cards for their recent birthdays.  They wanted new Lego kits. (They were BOTH genuinely excited (usually J would just want it because his sister wanted it)).  On Saturday we went to Target and they each picked out the set they wanted.  Then, my husband and I had paperwork to do over the weekend and the kids played nicely with each other a good portion of each day independently building their new Legos then playing with them.   The play was very calm and very wonderful and they both had a great time.

4/11/13 – Usually when I arrive at Occupational Therapy with the kids, I get out of the car and walk around to J’s door, opening it up and saying,”Come on, we’re late, hurry in to see your teacher.”  Today, J was out before me, opened and shut his own door and was racing up the stairs to “beat his sister” to the door, before I even got around to try to coax him out!

4/11/13 – I haven’t told his Occupational Therapist that we’ve tried anything new.  Today she told me the session was SO GREAT!  She said he was taking in directions at a much faster rate, his letters were extremely improved, and he was cranking out WAY MORE work than he usually completes in his sessions with her.

4/11/13 – He started a new unicycle class at circus today.  He did great – new coach, new students, new class!  No issues!

4/11/13 – He came to me in the kitchen when I was making dinner and really wanted to help me.  So, I asked him to make a salad.  He cut romaine, tomatoes, and shredded carrots and put all in the salad almost completely on his own in record time.  (He’s never made a salad for me before).

This product is all about redox signaling.  Google products that help with redox signalling to learn more.

Here’s to Recovery,

– J’s Mom

This product, is completely safe (as evidenced by $50 million in safetey studies) and is native to the body.  It is not a “juice” or “medicine” it is a natural substance that your body makes naturally when you are very young, but make less of as we age.  Also, many times young people’s bodies can get over-burdened by toxins and can not keep up with their bodies needs.  So, if your child suffers from an overload of toxic build up, this may very well be something to consider.

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