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BioEnergy Therapy

Pure BioEnergy Therapy For The Treatment Of Autism

If you haven’t heard of Bio Energy Therapy taught and practiced by individuals around the world who have been trained the Domancic Method, you may be wondering what it is, and whether it is right for you.

I first heard about Bio Energetic Therapy from an autism blog and a discussion of QiGong Massage and it’s ability to help with autism.  In fact, it has been shown to alleviate autistic symptoms by an average of 30% in five months, when performed by parents every day.

The Domancic Method of BioEnergy therapy is an even more powerful and direct healing method, a specific method of the “Laying on of Hands” – and it is especially helpful with ongoing chronic conditions, such arthritis, multiple sclerosis, gout, stroke, cancer, AIDS, blood disease and … wait for it… autism!

It doesn’t “heal” the body, or “cure” anything, and it is not a substitute for medical advice.  In a way the healer acts as an energy channel, to direct energy, which has the information your body needs to heal itself, into your body at the site.

If you are curious to learn more, watch this video, then feel free to contact me.

“Think About It” – BioEnergy Healing Documentary

I have been using this on my family with great results – allergies, headache pain, hearing/ear problems, and more.

I am looking for more people to practice on, so if you are in the Seattle area, please let me know.  If you are outside the Seattle area, this can be done remotely.  I can’t do it remotely yet, but I can put you in touch with someone who can.


BioEnergy and Autism – Success Stories

1) Grandmother’s Report on ASD Granddaughter“I would like to share my experience with my 3 year old granddaughter I did the first full 4 day treatment about 2 weeks ago and observed incredible changes beginning after the first session. One of the most noteworthy effects was a change in her sleeping patterns. Normally she would go to bed about 12 pm and was up by 4 or 4:30 every morning. After the first session, she slept until almost 8am the next morning. Since then, she has become habitual at retiring about 10 and waking up about 7:30. (My pregnant daughter is delighted with more sleep herself too!) Another big change we noticed from the second day of therapy is making eye contact. She virtually never did this! And now she will look at each one of us and the length of time she looks at us is increasing all the time. She has become much more verbal since therapy, and in fact, managed to make a sound for each letter of the whole alphabet about 2 weeks after the therapy finished. Before that she only attempted sounds for about 6 or 7 letters. She is also trying to repeat many more words. Her attention span in most everything seems to have increased and a few days ago we got through the WHOLE song of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…” AND she clapped and stamped too! This was delightful for my whole family! It has been totally exciting indeed. My granddaughter was one of the driving reasons for learning PureBioenergy and it has proven to be so helpful already.”

2) A Parent’s Report on Son
” S. age 8 LOVED the therapy! He was very aware of the energy and excited that it would help some of his issues. I didn’t notice results the first few days but I did the following week. His usual dread for homework disappeared and was replaced with positive eagerness to complete. He was motivated to start a new wii U exercise program that focuses on balance and core strength and has done really well with it. His speech and occupational therapist have come to talk to me each separately on his ” instant improvement” with balance, self esteem, and speech. Its been exciting to see him improve so quickly! He no longer takes allergy pills or sprays, nor does he take any acid reflux medications. He sleeps great now with no night terrors.”

3) A Parent’s Report On Daughter
“I was interested in helping with her Autistic signs and her fears. We quickly started the first session and she was laughing hard because she said I was ticking her feet. It was right away that we noticed her to be connecting in a way we had not seen before. She showed big changes, she seemed more alert and attentive to our actions. The biggest thing about this changes is that they happened all of a sudden and they have stayed, she seems to be growing into more of a little human being. She listens better and understands more what she is asked to do. She is more brave now and can play outside and go around the block riding her bicycle, which she would never do before. We are really excited to see my daughter blooming!!!