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Big-Picture Plan For Optimum Health!

Here it is in a nutshell – A one-page resource where you can see all the major pieces of the puzzle (as I find them and fit them together) to move us all closer towards optimum health.

This page is meant to be a living document, which will be added to (and deleted from, if necessary) as science and experience reveal more clues to optimum health.

I know from personal experience, that it can be a pain (and very time consuming) to root through all the pages of a blog, trying to find the “latest” recommendations, and most effective fixes.

So, when in doubt, come to this page to check on what’s new, and what you need to be doing.

This list may seem overwhelming at first.

I suggest taking a quick read through and do a personal inventory.  You may find you are already doing some of these things and/or it would be easy to change/tweak what you’re doing to get on the right track, if you’re not.

However, some things, like changing your diet, can be more emotional, and demand more support and even “attempts” as we try to change behaviors and fall off the wagon a time or two, before really sticking it out and staying the course.

So, choose whatever seems easy, and start there.  As you start to accomplish the items on this list, you will build momentum, feel healthier, and move toward your optimum weight, while extending your life-span as well. (**According to the research, but I am not a doctor, and this is not a promise of a Methusela-esque lifespan.  Procede at your own risk.)

In general, I will try to summarize the to-do items, so you can have it all boiled down into actionable steps.  In addition, I will provide links to research studies, and science-y articles, which you can read if you have a skeptical spouse (ahem! – or you ARE the skeptical spouse!), or just glance at to give you reassurance that I didn’t make it all up one late evening after reading Cars and Trucks and Things That Go one too many times!

How To Be Healthy: The More You Do, The More Healthy You Will Be!

  1. Get Enough Sleep – Autistic children often struggle with sleep.  Working adults also struggle with insomnia and waking up grudgingly with the alarm.  What can we do about it?  Adequate sleep (8hrs+ is vital!).
  2. Drink Enough Clean Water (avoid flouridated and chlorinated water)å
  3. Eat A Healthful Diet, based on evolutionary principles and designed to optimize gut health and body composition.  This should be a primal/paleo diet, high in fat and seafood, low in carbohydrates (from acceptable sources, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and raw or fermented dairy) and eat NO STARCHES (no bread, rice, flour, wheat, or legumes like beans/peas).
  4. Spend Time Outside – Use this as a social play time, get exposure to cold, boost vitamin D with Sun exposure, breathe fresh air, and ground yourself on the earth.  Include activities that involve sprinting, deep breathing,
  5. Take good care of your dental health
  6. Observe natural light and circadian cycles
  7. Avoid EMF from wi-fi and electric fields.
  8. Replace/Enahance nutrients through supplementation
  9. Remove toxins
  10. Maintain Mitochondrial health for Optimum Cell Performance


Throughout the site, I draw heavily on these other natural health websites, which I recommend you also check out:

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