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FDA Warnings About Autism Treatments

Please be aware that I am a Mom, and not a doctor and not a government representative, lawyer, or CIA spook.

The FDA became sufficiently concerned about the promotion of various “cure autism” treatments that it had not endorsed, that it decided something must be done.

Specifically, they have created a page of autism treatment warnings which you can visit to see a list of things that people are doing to treat autism, without the consent of the FDA.

They want you to know that they consider autism incurable, so therefore if something claims to cure autism, it is false advertising.

If parents have stated that they have used a protocol and found it effective, that is not seen as valid proof by the FDA, as would, say a million-dollar double-blind placeb-controlled trial.

How Does The FDA Work?

In order for a drug or treatment to be approved for use in treating autism by the FDA, it has to through rigorous testing and trials.  These tests can take years and cost millions of dollars.  Most of them are performed by drug companies.

Just because a treatment hasn’t been approved by the FDA, it doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, it just means the FDA hasn’t seen acceptable proof that it is more good than bad.  In fact, many drugs approved by the FDA have many serious and damaging side effects, and could be considered bad for you in some circumstances.

 Stand Back – Pure Entertainment Here, Folks!

Please do not take any recommendations on this site as proof of a cure of autism, or an endorsement of autism cures.  My goal is to share my experience and research of some things that work for some people in some circumstances.  In fact, you probably shouldn’t do anything to try to treat your child’s autism unless it has been approved by the FDA.