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Seattle Edible Landscape Design – Results!


I couldn’t wait for the day I got back my Edible Landscaping Plan, from Michael, our designer!We Design Edible Landscaper

One of the things I have been most excited about, in terms of getting our new house built, is the opportunity to have my own yard.  Here in the townhouse in Lynnwood, I have a postage-stamp backyard with plenty of shade.  The lawn has more moss than grass, and tends to be wet even in the summer.

So, the concept of a 50′ by 50′ sunny front yard made me ecstatic!

Planning the yard is, for me, one of the big parts of enjoying it… but with my kids hanging around, I didn’t have as much time to pore over plant requirements and pencil out sketches on graph paper as I wanted, so I thought, in the interests of saving time and getting a good head start, I would hire an edible landscaper to help me get started.  (I chose We-Design, based here in Seattle.)

I basically gave him a list of plants I wanted to include (stuff I like to eat!) and a sketch of the yard.  He came out to talk to me, measure the lot and take pictures.

He offered a lot of “levels” of planning, including a full, detailed plan with multiple revisions, 3-D renderings, and plant-by-plant placements. He can also install and maintain your yard for you, with as much or as little elbow-grease from you as you’re interested in supplying.

Edible Landscape Plan - Seattle, WA

Here is the Edible Landscaping Plan For Our Seattle-Area front yard, drawn by Michael and We-Design.

 (Click here to enlarge.)

herb spiralIn the end, since I really love doing this type of thing myself, I decided to go with his very basic $250 landscape plan.  He laid out where the beds, patio, and trees should go for maximum sun exposure and fruit production, as well as good looks and enjoyment.  I opted to have NO LAWN in my yard (my father gasped!) in order to minimize weeding of grass out of all my other beds, as well as get rid of mowing chores.  I like fun plants better.

Above is a picture of how the landscape plan turned out.  He kind of laid out the beds and told me what to plant in each one, but I still need to go through and decide on plant spacing, number of plants in each bed, and a few details like that.

In addition, I’ll be working on a drip irrigation and outdoor lighting plan.

The only “error” to me, in this edible landscape plan, is that he placed the dwarf mulberry tree next to the patio, which will probably create a lot of staining from fruit drop problems.  I think I’ll move that to a different bed, and maybe have a different dwarfing feature tree there… we’ll see!

One of the things Michael introduced to me, which I hand’t heard of before, was an herb spiral.  As you can see in the picture, an herb spiral is a variation on a Strawberry Ring, but planted with a variety of herbs and flowers.  This is something that would be a fun and easy weekend “edible gardening” landscape project.

Please comment below and let me know what you’re thinking about for your own edible landscaping!

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