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Homeschooling? What Goals Do You Have For Your Child?


I have recently been thinking about homeschooling my son.

This is less a function of his having autism or special needs, since he has now – THANKFULLY – essentially recovered from that.

Are your kids ready to go to school? What will school age children learn?

Are your kids ready to go to school? What will school age children learn?

It is more a case of helping OPTIMIZE him.  I have been so heavily involved in his recovery for the past 4 years, that now that he is free of autism, and just kind of hanging out in the government school system, I can’t help but feel that he is wasting his time.

With his bright eyes, strong desire, and willing attitude – he could be learning so much more.  I fear it is only a matter of time before the schools “normalize” this out of him.  I’m not eager to have him become a disaffected, dissatisfied pre-teen who looks to his peers to see whether it’s cool to raise his hand when he knows the answer to something.

So, even though I haven’t decided whether or not to homeschool, I am currently thinking about adding on to his education – in a more formal, structured way – by creating a list of goals or skill areas that I think are important in this day and age.

I share my list here, and welcome YOUR thoughts, additions, or deletions in the comments below!


Things I want my kids to know about


  • Typing
  • Computer programming/language
  • How to use email, internet, etc. to find out information
  • How to limit use of technology and not get sucked in or become overly technology dependent.
  • Manipulating electronics/physics/electricity
  • Around the house/car: how to change a lightbulb, change a tire, fix the sink or toilet, etc.


Home Maintenance:

  • Cooking/Food Prep
  • Cleaning house – vaccuum, dusting, dishes, etc.
  • General Home repair and maintenance is needed – cleaning roof/gutters, sweeping, painting, etc.


  • How to treat small children and old people, sick people, animals
  • How to engage in romantic relationships
  • How to maintain different types of friends
  • How to get along with and influence business colleagues
  • Psychology principles
  • How to treat family
  • How to entertain/set up interactions and take relationships to the next level



  • How to make public presentations
  • How to fail
  • Ownership Mentality
  • Accounting/economics
  • How to motivate people

General Education:

  • Arts/Music
  • History
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Math
  • Foreign Language


Healthy Habits:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Positive thinking
  • Know how to relax when stressed out/anxious
  • Meditating
  • Goal setting
  • Spiritual Practice and exposure



  • Know how to swim
  • Know self-defense
  • Have a business
  • Know how to sell and negotiate
  • Know how to evaluate the prices of things at the grocery store and calculate tips and taxes
  • Know how to manage money, use credit cards/debt, set a budget
  • Regular Fitness Routine and tracking.
  • Go to church


In High School:

Have the opportunity to explore interests related to jobs – internships, apprenticeships, grunt labor, etc. to help form career interests.

In Elementary School:

Have a broad exposure to many things to help form the foundation of education and learn all of what is out there.

Homeschool Supplements:

  1. Take classes related to: competitive sport/with ability to make progress
  2. Play groups/play dates
  3. Help with “Farm work” and House Work at home as well as responsible for own chores
  4. Volunteer opportunities (ideally involving interpersonal skills), eg. hospital visits, etc.
  5. Find and pursue areas of major interest outside of “class work” – passion projects.

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