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Meet The Family

Who is this wacky bunch?  Allow me to present the Fam!

Ben and the kids enjoy a beautiful May picnic overlooking Puget Sound.

DH and the kids enjoy a beautiful May picnic overlooking Washington’s scenic Puget Sound.

For the sake of privacy and my kids’ future dating lives, I am using a “pen name” for our last name, but I want you to know that the information and stories I share on this site are very real.  There are four of us, living in Seattle, WA. Not only will you get a chance to learn about how to improve your own health, by reading this website, but you’ll get a chance to see what works, and doesn’t work for us, as we attempt to do the same!

Granted, our experimental base is small (n=1 in most cases) but based on the research I have done, and the implementations we’re able to employ here, I hope you’ll get a better chance to understand some of the strategies that might help you and your family!

No Messy "Baby Frosting Face" for us!  Here Baby Julia is eating "healthier" carrot cake for her first birthday!

No Messy “Baby Frosting Face” for us! Here Baby Julia is eating “healthier” carrot cake for her first birthday!

DH – My “Dear Husband” works in a computer firm.  He’s a computer genius and a large part of why I was able to get this website running online!  He does like me to be “IT independent” whenever possible, though, so if you do experience any problems with the website (oops!) please let me know so I (we) can try to fix them!

Blake holds a pumpkin

Blake scores a pumpkin during his preschool class field trip to a working pumpkin and apple farm in Everett, WA!

Emily – I’m the Mom.  I am a full-time, stay-at-home Mom.  I do have a background in real estate and run a small marketing firm, but with the demands of the children, I haven’t been keeping up with that as well as I would like.  I hope to do more when the kids are in school.

Daddy and Julia Read A New Book

Daddy and Julia read a new book.

Blake – When Blake was four years old, he was (finally) diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum (High Functioning Autism/ASD).  He is very high-functioning and attends a mainstream preschool where he has occasional support from school district educators.  I anticipate reporting heavily on the biomedical treatments we are implementing for him (such as the GAPS Diet) as well as his traditional therapies, like ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), OT (Occupational Therapy), and ST (Speech Therapy).

Julia – My little girlie-girl.  She loves all things pink, and always chooses patent-leather shoes when given a choice.  She is endlessly kind, patient, and sweet… except when she’s feeling like the “typical” two-year-old.  (However, after having an ASD child the first time through, I have to say her attempts at toddler rebellion barely register on my “this is a hassle” radar…)

So, that’s us.  We are a pretty normal family.  Right now we live in a townhouse in the Seattle, WA area, but we are building a new home (nearby) to be closer to my parents.  I’m looking forward to writing about the construction process (have you ever heard of bau-biologie and building a “healthy house”?) .  I also very much enjoy organic gardening and hope to share some of my edible-landscaping tips as well as work-in-progress pictures!